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We need a number of volunteers to help at our event.   All of our volunteers find this to be a very rewarding and satisfying experience. We need people to help in the following areas: Food Set-up and Service, Shore Fishing Assistants, Boat Fishing Assistants,  Bait Distribution, Tackle Distribution, Boat Loading, and General Set-up and Take-down

(Note: This is a Non Prescription, Drug and Alcohol free event)

If you are interested in helping please contact Bill Phelps at (513) 456-6587 or via e-mail at  volunteer@fhnbcinti.com 

Please register using our Volunteer Registration Form below.

Only one form is needed per household. Volunteers under 19 must have a guardian signature to participate.

There are several ways to complete the form after downloading & opening:

• Print blank form and fill out, 

• or Fill out the form on your computer, and send it back by email. 

Each information line on the form is designed to be typed into and then printed out.

Submit through email;  You can sign at the Event

• or Print your copy and bring it with you the day of the Event to submit and sign 

Forms can be submitted via email to 'Bill Phelps' at  volunteer@fhnbcinti.com or mail to 52 East Crescentville Rd., Suite E West Chester, OH 45246.


FHNB 2018 Updated Daily Schedule.pdf

FHNB 2018R Volunteer Online Fill & Print Registration Form.pdf

Thank you for your interest and continued support!  We look forward to seeing you this next event.