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We need a number of boat owners to provide their boats for use either Saturday, Sunday, or both days.   Pontoons are most useful, but in general any boat that can be used for fishing is very much welcomed! 

We have expanded our offerings to our guest participants to just take a boat ride excursion if fishing is not of interest.  View the beautiful lake and surroundings so pontoon owners that wish to do this only are also welcome.

Cowan Lake has a 10HP limit.  However, a special event permit has been granted for FHNB that allows for the 10HP limit to be waived for boats participating in our event.  Boat owners / drivers are asked to respect the no wake policy around the shoreline and docks, to maintain low speeds in moving to and from the fishing locations, and to show respect for other boaters on the lake at all times.

If you would be interested in taking some wonderful people out for a day of fishing, please contact Bill Reichert e-mail us at boats@fhnbcinti.com or Breichert@fhnbcinti

FHNB 2018 Boat Flyer.pdf

Thank you for your interest and continued support!